Crispy baked bread with various fresh ingredients and spreads. Just tell us how you like your sandwiches...

Hot Sandwiches

All selections prepared with assorted baguettes
Cheese sandwich with basil, tomato, pepper, olive and dried tomato spread
Roast or grilled beef sandwich with kashkaval cheese or cheddar cheese and pepper sauce Roasted or grilled chicken sandwich with gouda cheese and dried tomato spread
Roasted or grilled turkey sandwich with feta cheese and dried tomato spread 
Cold Sandwiches

All selections prepared in assorted specialty open sandwiches are also available. 
Cheese sandwich filled with kashkaval cheese or cheddar cheese, lettuce leaves, red pepper and butter on sesame bread 
Cheese mousse sandwich filled with tomato slices on a fitty sandwich bread 
Chicken ham or Beef Salami sandwich filled with kashkaval cheese, pickle slice on a soft hashish sandwich bread 
Chicken mousse sandwich filled with vegetables, pickle slice, lettuce leaf on sovital bread 
soft bread; baguette, pita, club: 
Smoked chicken sandwich filled with tomato and pickle slices, green lolorosso with mayonnaise on plain baguette bread 
Sandwich with turkey jambon filled with lettuce leaf, pickle slice on rye sandwich bread 
Beef Salami sandwich filled with gouda cheese, red and yellow pepper slices, green lolorosso on brown baguette bread
Tuna fish sandwich filled with green lolorosso, red onion ring on plain baguette bread 
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